I help leaders who are having strong reactions and want to drive change.

Sara Luther, Owner

As a child I was called “righteous”. I had strong reactions to what others barely noticed and I wanted to help bring about change.

I’m not sure where my intense interest in workplaces and workplace relationships started. I imagine it partly stems from witnessing both my parents show incredible courage during periods of their own work experiences. Their sense of right and wrong was tested and they found a way to navigate the odds and stand tall against adversity. Their integrity was intact, but at a cost. At some point I realized that this is a journey too often, and unnecessarily, travelled.

In my grade 7 autography I wrote that I’d become a lawyer and so the path was paved. I found in the study of law the ability to both revere our legal system a protector or be utterly confused and angered by its stronghold to marginalize people. The area of law I would practice was a calling, not a choice.

Now, as a human rights lawyer, consultant and coach, I’m called “passionate”. And, I help leaders who are having strong reactions and want to drive change.

I recently had the honour of working with Sara Luther and the experience was life changing. Sara left me excited and focused on my career opportunities and this enthusiasm has spilled over to my personal life as well. Sara exceeded all expectations as a coach by providing me with opportunities to explore new ideas and challenge my old ways of thinking. She provided safe and comfortable openings to discuss my concerns and vulnerabilities regarding my career, while always ensuring a supportive and non-judgmental environment.

Forwardworking’s services have been deeply influenced by my years of conducting workplace investigations regarding allegations of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and other forms of misconduct. There were never winners and I uncovered a theme that I could not ignore. That many investigations were avoidable and even when they weren’t, the process and the structure was void of humanity.

The consequences were real and measurable.

So, what do we do?

We help organizations strengthen their institutional commitments through creating accountability-based policies and procedures. After the foundation is reset, we build professional development programs for management to ensure they have the knowledge and skills required to fulfill their responsibilities to model desired behaviour, guide their teams and intervene in conflict early and successfully.

Whether this work is triggered by a complaint or unproductive behaviours, it is often a symptom of systemic organizational issues. My approach is to help solve both.

The benefits are real and measurable.